Georg Font
Measurement and Control Technician
Schütz Licht

Georg is a measurement and control technician which is a specialisation of the industrial technician. His responsibilities include: 

Production of:

  • Electrical measuring, control and regulation equipment
  • Industrial process control equipment, e.g. installation / maintenance of automation systems
  • Electrical measurement, control, navigation, etc. instruments and devices
  • Electronic components and electronic components, e.g. for automation systems
  • Other electrical equipment
  • Electric motors, generators and transformers
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Machines for generating and using mechanical energy (machine tools)
  • Machines for other specific industries, e.g. for the textile, paper, construction and metal industries

Activities include:

  • Construction installation, electrical installation, other construction installation, e.g. installation of signal systems
  • Employment opportunities in: energy supply, electricity generation, e.g. municipal utilities
  • Electricity transmission, e.g. municipal utilities • Electricity distribution and trading, e.g. municipal utilities
  • Water supply, water extraction, especially monitoring, maintenance and repair of the measuring
  • Control and regulation systems:
  • Waste management: thermal waste disposal, in particular monitoring, maintenance and repair of the measuring
  • Road and rail transport
  • Ancillary and sideline activities
  • Maintenance of operations control and safety systems for rail traffic
  • Personnel consulting, personnel placement, personnel leasing
  • Provision of labor, e.g. temporary employment agencies in the commercial-technical area