Arjen Boersma
Senior Scientist

Dr. Arjen Boersma is a senior scientist at TNO working in the field of material development and implementation in a circular economy: e.g. hydrogen storage and sensing, plastic recycling and durability, and microplastics. His research focusses on the relation between the chemistry and composition of materials (polymers, ceramics and composites) and their changing properties when exposed to a challenging environment. In addition, his knowledge on material behavior is also implemented for the assessment of the ageing of polymer materials in down hole conditions, to predict the long-term durability of these materials.  

Arjen Boersma received his PhD in polymer technology in 1998 at the TUDelft, Netherlands on the dielectric properties of polymers and blends. He has been working at TNO for 20 years. He has 46 journal publications and holds 20 patents.