Dr. Stefan Gomes da Costa
Sales Manager
Oxford Instruments WITec

Stefan studied Physics at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, where he obtained his PhD in 2019 for his work in Hyperspectral Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS)-Imaging. In 2016 Stefan started to work for WITec, a market leader in the fields of Raman microscopy and correlative Raman-AFM, Raman-SNOM and Raman-SEM (RISE) microscopy. As an Applications Scientist, and from 2020 on as a Senior Applications Scientist, Stefan carried out many imaging system installations and customer trainings, internal and external technical consultations, and was involved in publicly funded projects such as NanoGraM. In 2021, Stefan moved on to a new position within WITec and is now  working as Sales Manager. Over 14 years of academic and professional experience, Stefan has built up an extensive knowledge of Raman microscopy.