Georg Font
Measurement and Control Technician
Schütz Licht

The measurement and control technician is a specialization of the industrial technician. Typical occupational work of the Measure and Control technicians are tasks in the area of production and manufacturing facilities in companies of the Energy supply such as power grid operators and in power plants.

In addition, measurement and control technicians work in companies in the electrical industry in which generators or Transformers are manufactured. The measurement and control technician monitors, maintains and repairs measurement and Control components of production and manufacturing facilities.

The measurement and control technician also instructs employees on operating systems and monitors the work processes.

Another field of activity are the areas of mechanical and plant engineering, lighting and Communication technology. The profession of measuring and control mechanic or technician was recognized in 1960 and abolished on August 1, 1992. The job was replaced by the successor job of process control electronics technician (valid until August 1, 2003)

Production of:
• electrical measuring, control and regulation equipment
• industrial process control equipment, e.g. installation / maintenance of automation systems
• electrical measurement, control, navigation, etc. Instruments and devices
• electronic components and electronic components, e.g. for automation systems
• other electrical equipment
• Electric motors, generators and transformers
• Mechanical and plant engineering
• Machines for generating and using mechanical energy (machine tools)
• Machines for other specific industries, e.g. for the textile, paper, construction and metal industries

• Construction installation, electrical installation, other construction installation, e.g. installation of signal systems
• Employment opportunities in: energy supply, electricity generation, e.g. municipal utilities
• Electricity transmission, e.g. municipal utilities • Electricity distribution and trading, e.g. municipal utilities
• Water supply, water extraction, especially monitoring, maintenance and repair of the measuring,
Control and regulation systems
• Waste management: thermal waste disposal, in particular monitoring, maintenance and repair of the measuring,
Control and regulation systems
• Road and rail transport
• Ancillary and sideline activities
• Maintenance of operations control and safety systems for rail traffic
• Personnel consulting, personnel placement, personnel leasing
• Provision of labor, e.g. temporary employment agencies in the commercial-technical area