Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science GmbH
Stand - C1066

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science is a global company within the Hitachi High-Tech Group. The company is headquartered in Oxford, UK, with R&D and assembly operations in Finland, Germany and China, and sales and support operations around the world.

Analysis across the polymer lifecycle
We produce a range of analyzers to help polymer manufacturers, recyclers and researchers meet increasing demands, while maintaining the highest product quality standards and RoHS directives. Our range of thermal analyzers deliver excellent baseline performance and sensitivity for materials verification and thermal behavior characterization and our XRF analyzers are ideal for compositional measurements within a polymer matrix.

Analyzers built for today's polymer production

  • Hitachi analyzers are designed for production environments, meaning they are easy to use, durable and deliver reliable results, time after time.
  • Advanced technological features ensure that minute levels of elements and material can be analyzed accurately.
  • Automated data handling options make it easy to integrate results into a quality management system or customer reports.
  • Our global network of service hubs offers a full range of technical support to keep you up and running.

XRF analyzers for polymer composition analysis
Hitachi also offer XRF instruments that are designed for rapid analysis in a fast-paced production environment. Ideal for verifying the content of catalyst residue during polymerization, additives and fillers during the compounding process, and for incoming material verification prior to component production or industrial waste reprocessing.