Stand - D1603

The METRASTAT company is based in the Technopole of Sierre, a technical and communication center well known in the French speaking part of Switzerland for hosting IT companies, the local tech university and the labs for Novelis.

Here our team of chemists and engineers are constantly developing and improving our METRASTAT HEAT STABILTY TESTING SYSTEM. The METRASTAT PLC TOUCH OVEN with Siemens automation control modules as well as the FLUOSCAN REFLECTOMETER equipped with white light and UV spectrophotometers from ColorLite compose the system. We also have designed a new HCl adsorption exhaust hood for the oven to ensure better linearity.

We enable you to test PVC, PP, PE and PVDF for quality control AND research and development. It will give you exact scientific information about the use of stabilizers and the reaction of your products when exposed to heat, during and after production.

The company is a family business founded in Paris in 1977 then transferred to Düsseldorf, Germany in 1987 were it had the name PSD Prüfgeräte and then Dr. Stapfer GmbH.

Dr. Christian Stapfer and Mrs. Barbara Stapfer-Koblitz, the two owners, founders and administrators of METRASTAT, managed the company during more than 30 years. Their daughter, Ms. Cassandre Stapfer, was trained in the company for several years before becoming the new Owner/President and Directing Manager of the company since 2008.

METRASTAT SA manufactures and sells to more than 400 customers in 45 countries worldwide. Moreover, it is the long-term expertise and enlightened advice of its inventor, Dr. Stapfer, as well as the reliability and constant research to improve the instrument that makes our reputation.