Stand - D682

The Expert Capability Center Deventer, located in the RD&I center of Nouryon, is equipped with state of the art instrumentation, world class experts and over 50 years of experience in solving challenges in the chemical industry. By integrating and sharing our knowledge and experience, we solve your challenges using our expertise. 

We are serving Research and Development, Manufacturing and Regulatory Compliance with a multidisciplinary approach and industrial R&D perspective, helping to accelerate new product development and to optimize existing processes and products. Typical examples are investigation of non-standard samples, difficult analyses in complex matrices, failure analysis and advanced data analytics. 

Through multi-analytical techniques and analytical method development we can manage, control and minimize risks in developing new products. In this way, we ensure better product quality for our customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer and paint & coating industries. 

In the field of Polymer Testing and Analysis, we are equipped with a multitude of analytical and physical techniques, such as:

-          Chromatography, including gas and VOC analysis

-          Resonance and optical spectroscopies

-          Elemental and functional group analysis

-          Microstructure analysis including high-end electron microscopy

-          Physical and thermal analysis

-          Environmental and ecotoxicological testing