Richard HESS MBV GmbH
Stand - D676

Material Testing Instruments - Consulting - Sales

We are a competent manufacturer and supplier of products and services since 1973 in the field of material testing for the rubber, plastics, textile and metalworking industries. As a service company we attach great importance to our service. Every year we support more than 2500 customers in the areas of calibration, maintenance, repair and modernization.

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We offer various possible solutions for a mature, state-of-the-art product - a high-quality device - as well as fast support for problems and professional service. One of our focal points is the development and manufacture of individual universal testing machines including software according to individual customer requirements.

Our product portfolio includes among others: Universal Testing Machines for tension, compression and bending, Clamping Tools, Software, Extensometers, Thickness Gauches, Plate Presses, Sample Punching, Sample Cutters, Sample Milling, Punching Knives according to every standard, Hardness Testers for rubber and plastics, Rebound Elasticity Meter,Abrasion Testers, Friction Testers, Elmendorf Pendulum, MFR /MVR, High Precision Ageing Ovens according to ISO 188 and other standards, Compression Set, Stress Relaxation Test Systems, Low Temperature Compression Set Systems, TR Tester, Brittleness Tester, Gehman Tester, Fogging Tester, Residual Moisture Measuring Instrument, Standard Light Chambers.